I’m going to be selling some of my stuff. Who would even buy my shit? You? No? Oh. Okay.

My gf wrote me a song while she was at work, and then sang it to me. And tomorrow she’s taking me out to lunch at Red Lobster. Best gf ever!

I would just love to smoke a blunt, and chill with my lady but she’s going to her parents. I haven’t met them yet so I’m going to enjoy my day while she’s out with her family. Why aren’t liquor stores open!? Fuck

Anonymous asked: why u can't keep a girlfriend?

Lmao. Cuz bitches be trippin


Coachella 2014
Photo Credit: Robin Harper

Anonymous asked: would u rather fall in love with ur bestfriend or your friend girlfriend

Bestfriend. That’s effd up to fall for a friends significant other.

eshaisaboss asked: do you still go with that girl?

Nope. Dead





Never seen this before…

He literally shat a brick

holy shit… you can see the plane crashing into the building. you can see it GLIDING almost. this is the best gif/photo i’ve ever seen of 9/11, it’s stunning (in the literal sense)

this makes me nauseous 
Tigers game today!